Hangman II

by Hangman

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released August 1, 2016

Produced by Anthony Corallo
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege

Additional vocals on Death by Zach Barnett



all rights reserved


Hangman New York

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Track Name: Septic
Right before my eyes, stands this bitter man
Looking for the answers
Fustraition, best describes his wasted life
Looking in my eyes he cries

Who am I
What am I here for
Will I learn in time

Hatred for what I see, in my self, life's fucking curse

Endlessly, searching for a little taste, of satisfaction
I'm just so fed up, with sitting back
Waiting for my time, to end!

Staring my future, dead in his eyes
I will become my fate If I don't find a way To transcend time and Regain my mind

Peace of my mind.
Track Name: Heat
This world, it's getting worse by the day
Honest people have gone away
And now it's us whose gotta fucking pay
Nothing that I can do
Scream! But my words are useless
So, sit around like no problems exist
While all I can do it fucking clench my fist
Nothing that I can do

So whose yo blame
When our future
Goes down the fucking drain

I'm sick of hearing why should I care, just fucking open your eyes
This is a problem that we all share, but there is still some time

I'm sick of hearing why should I care, but there is still some time
This is a problem that we all share, just fucking open your eyes!
Track Name: Death
Death changes
Everything I knew about myself and everything I see
Just a kid shown the harsh truth
Now i see reality
Your innocence will be ripped away, in the blink of an eye
No one can escape this fate, and no man gets out alive.

I've seen the life drain through your eyes, and then it was stole form mine
One day I hope to rid myself of the plague that dwells in me
A bitter soul doomed to walk the earth there's something missing that I cant see

Death changes everything, a lesson learned in time
Cancers that took your life won't fucking live in mine

Death makes me a stronger man, and I will always fight
I will never forget, the true value of time.
Track Name: Emptiness
I cant fucking believe in the direction I'm headed
I never thought i would be So down on myself
But i will not change And this is something I can guarantee
So far all I've gained in this life of regret, is bitterness!

As I watch time slip away

I'm falling deeper into my grave.

Yea, Emptiness, is surrounding me

For every time, I've made excuses I've paid the price
Now With my back to the wall
I see no way out

It's time to be Honest with myself for once
Cuz I'm face to face
staring down a life alone

My reflection
I wouldn't recognize
This life I'm living, isnt a fucking life at all
Everytime I think I got it all figured out
It's always, always fucking changes
Track Name: Conviction
Never will I break
And say I'm sorry for what I've done
Cuz if you gave me the chance
I'd do it all again
And I may be wrong but, I wont apologize for who I am
So take this as you will my friend, this is where I stand

I don't need the moral guise, you hide behind
I Don't wanna live in your perfect world
I'm just fine!

Save your breath and preach to someone else
I'm Steadfast to my beliefs, with unwavering HATE
For the way that this world turns
So just live your life, and leave me alone

If I don't like what I see, should I just close my eyes?

My eyes!
Track Name: Scorned
Weep for the world i knew,
the world that I envisioned
Age of the simple mind Is here and no one can escape
They die for acceptance
They're blinded by greed
Say hi to your new friends Of the 21st century
Track Name: Spite
In your eyes Im painted black
Forgetting I bleed red too
But blatant lies only convince me
That your weakness lies deep within

Laugh in my face
But i, I can see the truth
You're drowning sinking deeper into your lies
Choking on every word
That you say!

Everything you strive for makes me fucking sick
Lifes just a game to you
Like a pawn I'm just a throw away
Another step on your way to the top

Laugh in my face
But i, I can see the truth
You're drowning, sinking deeper into your lies
Choking on every word

Do the fucking ends
Justify your means
Did selling your self short
All pay out in the end for you