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A Vile Decree

by Hangman

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Pesticide 01:51
Lost in my disdain, but not defeated As long as I remain, I will fight The wrongheaded paths we take or Manifest in a world of shame Plague mankind with your benign existence looking for hands to pull the strings A world, so blind and so naive They smile as they light the flame that burns us all A mindset all too common I'm afraid But I'll use my last breath screaming for a change To plant the seeds of hate They lay a bed of fear And I can see the fucking roots today This breed of ignorance Can't be ignored forever To fight fire with fire Only ends in a scorched earth but what a cunning mind can achieve is how this is my war to win Or time will make fools of us all
Coming To 02:27
Sixteen years of thinking and what did I find? That I'm still dwelling on what's been made of you, The last light to shine upon your face, A poisoned body, time's gradual decay I've cried a thousand tears but now my eyes run dry And I'll believe in your afterlife the day salvation lies in a fucking box I have awakened to the fact that through loss I have gained I have awakened to the fact that this mind is all I have What purpose did your suffering serve, my guess it's just a lesson learned Well I've been learning about your righteous god, But I've seen nothing but violent misery And I've been searching for a brighter side but empty handed, I've come up short I have awakened to the fact That I've got so much left to say but I don't think my words can cut through the dirt And with a mouth sewn fucking shut, there'd be no answer Not a fucking thing Another day, the further you fall from me Once a brother, now just a memory Broken, I pick up the pieces of a life I must endure Alone
Blood through thick and thin so why do I love to watch you suffer? Selfishness has taken hold of the place where you once stood Hiding from the shame, idleness created I can't stand to see your struggle I can't find the time I can't show you that someone does care Too stuck in my self absorbed life led in vain And I know you'll never understand and I can never see the world through your eyes But I can see life taking its toll by the remorse painted on your face I can't find the time I can't help you escape from your mind It's adding up with the passing of time Months turn to years and alone you revel in your shame Hiding in plain sight from a world that fails to recognize the humanity buried deep inside Face to face, I see my reflection staring back Insecurities of a tortured mind, an uneasy Tear to mend So I turned my back and walked away from my only true friend I left you out to rot, and your cries echo in my mind Until the day I make this right
Pay no mind to what the eye perceives Because I'm the lone beholder of truth So feed your fallacies on the garbage spewed from my mouth Surrender your will to me and I give you my word And from my ivory tower, I'll spit on your world Every word that you say just falls to die at my feet I am your god and your fate belongs to me You saw past my incompetence to satisfy your fucking pride So bask in my victory when it's you who's lost Every word that you say just falls to die at my feet I am your god and you will fall to me
Open my eyes to face another day Another day to suffocate, Smothered by the choices that I've made Regret, a constant reminder of a life that's just out of reach Happiness eludes me once again Progression stifled by the means of my own hand Held myself back for far too long Despite these words I know I'll never change Just another promise I intend to break Regression with every step that I take Keep falling into the same traps that have plagued my past Every door I try to open, there's something in my way A life worth of wasted words, better kept as thoughts I try to keep up but I just can't pull the weight Open my eyes to face another day


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released November 3, 2017


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Hangman New York

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