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by Hangman

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Faceless 02:42
I can't fucking stand it that stupid look on your face a smug smile but i see right through it (I see your weak) You can't bear the weight of my words Over your head Over your head you will never know the reason why Over you head Over your head should save my breathe theres no changing your mind You just don't fucking get it with all this rage bottled up inside i think I'm starting to crack each day it gets harder and harder (this is my curse) i fight each day just to make it through I fight each day just to make it through, you just don't fucking get it
Mud 03:07
worse now than its ever been fighting a war you cannot win the devil, you met him face to face but its just your life he's gonna take I swear i heard this all before but i see in your eyes you've got something to hide the years pass by but still i always find you're right where i left you just waiting to die I try but all i ever see is the people you used to be such a shame life brings us different ways but in the end its the choice we make so who's to fucking say why life plays out that way but i knew from the start that you would fucking fall apart
Heat 01:28
This world, is getting worst by the day the honest people have gone away, and now its us who's gonna fucking pay and there's nothing left i can do scream, but my words are useless you sit around like no problems exsist all i can do is fucking clench my fist nothing that i can do so who's to blame when our future goes down the fucking drain I'm sick of hearing why should i care just fucking open your eyes this is a problem that we all share but there is still some time Im sick of hearing why should i care but there is still some time this is a problem that we all share just fucking open your eyes
Shame 02:39
I, I can't believe a word you say given too many chances, but every time you walk away how can I expect this, expect my world to change if i don't try something i only have myself to blame Ive got no direction, no where to turn i see no affection ill never fucking learn now that i can see that its too late kept quiet for so long but still i have a lot to say i had it all but than i let you slip away but i wouldn't listen now its time to face my fear I've got no direction no where to turn i need the affection ill never know no chance no place to turn just another casualty, in the killing zone


Vocals: Dan Mulligan
Guitar: Michael Smith
Bass: Sebastian Skaar
Drums: Ryan (Ron) Seagraves


released May 27, 2015

Recordings: Anthony Corallo
Artwork: Collin Gribbons
The Smith Basement


all rights reserved



Hangman New York

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